Caring Unlimited

Community Response Program

Caring Unlimited's Community Response Program offers community education, training and consultation with York County agencies, organizations, schools and the general public to promote effective responses to domestic abuse that increase safety for victims, hold abusers accountable and move our communities toward zero tolerance for domestic violence.

A Caring Unlimited (CU) Educator is available to come to your organization to provide interactive training on one or more of a variety of topics (listed below).  Minimum time requirement is approximately 60 minutes, and CU's Educator will work with you and around your schedule to best meet your needs.  Staff in-services, lunchtime discussions, and one-on-one consultations are all available.  Certificates of completion are available upon request, and in some cases Continuing Education Credits may be offered.

Who can receive training and education?

Healthcare providers, social workers, childcare professionals, teachers, hair stylists, in-home support professionals, clergy, law enforcement professionals, judges, attorneys, guardians ad litem, undergraduate students, university administrators, and anyone else interested in making a difference for survivors in their community.

Trainings Offered

Domestic Abuse: Recognition and Response

Learn about the dynamics and prevalence of domestic abuse and violence in York County. What are some of the barriers survivors face to becoming safe from an abusive partner or family member? What are the components of a helpful response? What services are available to survivors in York County and how do I access them?

Effects of Domestic Abusers on Children

Learn how a child's development, behavior, and self-esteem can be impacted by an abuser.  Recognize common parenting characteristics of domestic abusers and the crucial role of the non-offending parent in a child's route to healing.

Domestic Violence Response Initiative: How Medical Professionals Can Help

Healthcare providers have a unique opportunity for early identification of abuse and intervention through screening and referral.  Learn about the health risks associated with abuse and the screening rubric known as "RADAR."

Ministry in Response to Domestic Violence

Learn how religious leaders and congregations can make a difference to survivors and abusers both within their place of worship and in the greater community.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Learn how developing a simple, comprehensive workplace response to domestic violence will save your business time and money while promoting victim safety and abuser accountability.

Dating Violence on College Campuses

Learn about the unique dynamics of dating abuse on college campuses and the services available to a student who may be in need.

Predominant Aggressor

This interactive training for law enforcement personnel encompasses information about the dynamics of abuse, information about defensive and offensive wounds and provides a step-by-step analysis designed to help identify who is the predominant aggressor on a domestic violence call.  This training was created by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.

Participant Feedback

"The most helpful part of the presentation was learning that Caring Unlimited isn't just a shelter.  It is a support for each person with individual needs and routes for safety." --Hospital Staff Member

"The interactive portions really hammered the point home.  Very solid, well-researched presentation."  --Undergraduate Residential Advisor

“Establishing a domestic violence policy and doing management and staff awareness training has been very helpful to our company. It’s a subject that is difficult to talk about without some guidance and coaching from Caring Unlimited staff who really know the field and what responses are and are not helpful.”  --Organizational Development Director

To Schedule a Training

Please complete the online request form or call Sherry Edwards, Assistant Director, 207-490-3227 x105.