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Caring Unlimited's ability to help end domestic violence in the lives of hundreds of families who reach out to us each year depends on the generous contributions of community members who care.  There are a number of ways to help - by making a financial contribution, donating your old cell phone, donate your old car to Caring Unlimited's Freedom Wheels Program (see below for more info on all three of these options).

Caring Unlimited is a nonprofit public charity operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Services Code.  Contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Receipts for tax purposes are automatically issued to donors for whom no goods or services were received in exchange for their donation. Caring Unlimited's IRS Identification Number is 01-0358141.

How your financial contribution helps:

  • $25 Provides one hour of safety planning support on the Hotline.
  • $50 Provides one hour of Legal Assistance for a person in need of a Protection from Abuse Order.
  • $100 Provides 24 Hours of Emergency Shelter services for a family of three.
  • $250 Provides 6 weeks of Support Groups services for six women or children.
  • $500 Provides 24 Hours of supportive housing services for a family living in the Transitional Housing Program
  • $1000 Stocks the emergency food pantry for 6 months

Donate to Caring Unlimited online:

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Donate Your Old Cell Phone!

You can also help by donating your old cell phone whenever you upgrade!  Caring Unlimited is a partner with Shelter Alliance, an environmentally responsible, zero landfill cell phone recycling program.  Caring Unlimited makes refurbished cell phones available to victims of domestic abuse, free of charge, so they can protect themselves by making 911 calls or contacting a hotline advocate 24 hours a day whenever needed.

Donate your Old Car to Caring Unlimited's Freedom Wheels Program

Freedom Wheels is Caring Unlimited’s car repair and donation program that operates in partnership with Kennebunk Auto.  Freedom Wheels grew out of an awareness that families reorganizing their lives after leaving an abusive relationship cannot become economically independent without safe and reliable transportation.  Many of the families with whom we work come to us with either no transportation or a vehicle that is uninspected, unreliable and/or unsafe. Economic independence is of paramount importance for families seeking to make a fresh start and establish safety and stability outside of the abusive relationship.  Dependable, properly maintained vehicles are necessary in Maine in order for people to travel to work, school, appointments and to ferry children to and from their activities. Since January 2006, 232 families have directly benefited from this program including 175 families whose cars were repaired and 57 others who received vehicles donated by generous community members.

For more information about making a donation to Caring Unlimited's Freedom Wheels Program please call us at 490-3227 x106.