Domestic Abuse

Survivor Stories

Lisa’s Story

Although I wanted to leave my abusive husband for years, he made it clear that if I left he would hurt me. During one attempt to escape, he tried to run me off the road. Another time he threatened me with a gun. I knew that I had to find a way out—but I was afraid for my children and myself...afraid that he would find us...afraid that I could not make it on my own. When I arrived at Caring Unlimited I finally felt safe, and I began to make important changes. The staff and volunteers provided wonderful support and resources. Thanks to them, I was able to enter the University of Southern Maine nursing program and earn my bachelor’s degree. Now, my children are safe and healthy. And I’m the happiest I’ve ever been—even since before the abuse. Caring Unlimited helped me to realize that I am strong, independent, and can truly accomplish anything. --Lisa B.

Sheila’s Story

The physical abuse I experienced at the hands of my husband was horrific; from shoving to sexual assault, he hurt me in many ways. The emotional abuse hurt the most. My husband controlled my money and took my car keys. He harassed me at work until I lost my job. He threatened my friends until they stopped calling. Then he threatened to kill my children and me. I knew I had to get out.

My kids and I arrived at Caring Unlimited with the few things I had been able to fit in the car—some clothes and a few toys. Suddenly, I had no resources and was facing overwhelming challenges. Where would I live? How would I get my kids to school safely? How would I pay my bills? The Transitional Housing Program helped me to overcome those obstacles. With their help, I was able to keep my kids safe, budget for a fixed income and enroll in college.

Today, I am back on my feet and the head of my own household with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services and a wonderful job that allows me to “give back”. I have regained the self-confidence that my husband took from me and more. –Sheila F.

Zachary’s Story

My home used to be scary because Dad hurt Mom. Sometimes he hurt my little sister and me, too. I was very happy when my mother found a safe place for us to go. My family did not have to worry anymore. Mom started to smile again, and my sister and I could play and have fun. Now the three of us have a safe home and nobody ever gets hurt. --Zachary H.