Domestic Abuse

Help is Available after an Arrest

If your partner or family member has been arrested for committing a domestic violence crime against you, you are not alone.  Domestic violence, including physical, sexual and financial abuse, neglect and maltreatment of children and elder abuse, occurs throughout our state every day.

After an arrest has been made for a domestic violence crime, the victim of the crime is often left with many questions and wondering where to turn for information, support and assistance.  Fortunately, help is available to you from Victim Witness Advocates (VWA) at the York County District Attorney’s Office and from Caring Unlimited Advocates at York County’s community-based Domestic Violence Program.  The different kinds of support provided by each of these programs is described in detail in a brochure available here to view online or print for your future reference.

This brochure includes Safety Planning tips as well as contact information for Advocates at both the District Attorney's Office and Caring Unlimited.

View and Print brochure

If you have trouble viewing this brochure, please call Caring Unlimited's 24-Hour Hotline: 1-800-239-7298 to speak with an advocate.