Get Involved

How You Can Help

It is the mission of Caring Unlimited to work with the community to end domestic violence in York County.  This includes providing support and safe haven to women, their children and men whose lives are affected by domestic abuse in a manner that honors their essential worth, nurtures their inherent strengths and respects their right of self-determination.

Each year many hundreds of our York County friends, neighbors and family members reach out to Caring Unlimited for information and assistance to become safe themselves, or to support a loved one who is living with domestic abuse.

How can you help?

  • Speak out against domestic violence!
  • Become informed and spread the facts.
  • Confront jokes about battering - it's no laughing matter!
  • Call the police when you witness violence.
  • Vote for candidates who work to end violence in the home.
  • Write letters to the editor.
  • Invite us to do an educational presentation at your workplace or organization.
  • Volunteer with Caring Unlimited.
  • Make a financial contribution to Caring Unlimited.
  • Donate your old cell phone to Caring Unlimited.
  • Support Caring Unlimited fundraising events as an event sponsor, contributor or participant.
For more information about volunteering, making a donation or participating in a Caring Unlimited event, click the appropriate link at left.