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Descriptions of Volunteer Positions

Hotline Volunteer

"The most rewarding part of being on the hotline for me is being there to listen.  I’ve found that many of the callers are looking for someone to listen without judgment and validate their feelings.  I’m happy to be able to provide that support and potentially be a catalyst for change in their lives."
- Volunteer Hotline Advocate

Qualifications: Sensitivity to the issues of violence and abuse towards women and children. Hotline volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, have the ability to work with women and children in a non-judgmental and supportive way. It is preferred that volunteers have an awareness of the social/ political aspects of violence and feminist principles. Must have reliable transportation and telephone. Commitment to covering scheduled hotline shifts. Successful completion of Caring Unlimited’s 40 hour volunteer training is necessary before covering hotline.

Reports To: Volunteer Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities: Returning all calls forwarded by the answering service by beeper or at your home phone during your shift. Provide support and information as well as making appropriate referrals for callers. Transporting women and children to shelter when necessary. Meeting women and children coming into shelter, welcoming them and completing all intake information. Provide and update CU with a current Declarations page for proof of auto insurance. Seeking information and support from staff backup when necessary. Maintain statistical information as necessary.

Hours: Shifts are during the hours of: 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm, 5pm-9am Monday thru Friday. On weekends, shifts are Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm or 5pm-9am the following morning. Some holiday coverage may be requested as well. Volunteers are asked to make a one-year commitment and complete two to four shifts a month.

Caring Unlimited Provides:

  • Comprehensive 40 hour Volunteer Training Program
  • Staff person for backup during all shifts
  • Support and contact on a monthly basis by the Volunteer coordinator
  • Additional training opportunities
  • Reimbursement for phone calls and mileage

It is ESSENTIAL that the hotline be answered at all times; therefore, if you are unable to fulfill your scheduled hotline shift, it is important that you find a replacement from the call list and notify the volunteer coordinator with one week’s notice.


Qualifications: Sensitivity to issues of violence and abuse toward women and children. Willingness to interact positively with children from a variety of social backgrounds. Ability to model appropriate behavior and communication. Become familiar with, and uphold the policies and procedures of Caring Unlimited. Demonstrate ability to establish supportive and caring one-to-one relationships with children. Successfully complete three to six hours of Kidworker training. Maintain open communication with support group facilitators/supervisors. Be able to pass background check. Minimum age requirement is 14yrs.

Supervisor: Outreach Services Coordinator and Support Group Facilitators

Duties and Responsibilities: Kidworker volunteers will provide meaningful child care and supervision for children of various ages ranging from infancy to adolescence. Meaningful child care includes providing nurturing, esteem-building activities along with sensitive, non-judgmental listening. Child care must always be safe and supportive for all participating children and must be based upon awareness of the impact abusers have on children. Kidworker volunteers provide supervision and support for children whose parents are involved in any of Caring Unlimited services.

Hours: Kidworkers must agree to commit to at least two to four hours twice a month for one year. Generally, Kidworkers arrive on site 15 minutes before group to set up and greet children and stay 15 minutes after group to clean up. Child care is provided at various Caring Unlimited sites throughout York County. Day and evening hours available.

It is ESSENTIAL that child care is provided for all groups, therefore, if you are unable to fulfill your scheduled child care shift, it is important that you find a replacement from the Kidworker list and notify the Outreach Services Coordinator.

Support Group Facilitator

Qualifications: Strong communication and listening skills.  Understanding of—and willingness to learn about—the dynamics of domestic abuse.  Supportiveness and honesty.  Ability to use and mirror inclusive language.  Self-awareness (facilitators’ mood and energy affect group dynamics).  Cultural competence.

Reports to: Outreach Services Coordinator and Volunteer Program Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities: Volunteer Facilitators will co-facilitate Caring Unlimited's support groups in Sanford, Biddeford, Kittery and Cornish. Caring Unlimited support groups are free, confidential, and open to women who have experienced abuse in intimate relationships. Volunteer Facilitators will co-facilitate with Caring Unlimited staff.  During groups facilitators will link stories to each other and to the larger picture. Identify themes in women’s lives.  Keep the group moving, ensuring equitable use of group time. Confront and deal with challenging situations/behaviors

Hours: Support groups meet weekly at each location.  Volunteer Facilitators are asked to commit to at least 6 months in one location.  Current group locations and times are: Cornish: Monday afternoons 12-1pm, Sanford: Wednesday evenings 5:30-7pm, Kittery: Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:30pm, Biddeford: Thursday evenings 5:30-7pm.